New Attendance Policy

Dear Parents and Guardians:


            As you know, Ohio House Bill 410 (HB410) was approved in the Ohio Legislative General Assembly in December 2016.  The approved measure regarding changes to compulsory attendance laws went into effect for the 2017-18 academic school year in all Ohio school districts.


            At the time our Student Handbooks were printed, the Ohio Department of Education had not released the Model Policy and Practices for HB 410.   In our handbooks, we notified you of this delay and noted that additional attendance policies and practices would be released at a later date.

            At this time, we are notifying you of an update to Logan Elm’s attendance policy.  Students will be limited to five (5) parent excused absences per semester or ten (10) parent excused absences per school year.  Once the limit of parent excused absence is reached, only School Excuses issued by a Healthcare Provider (ex: doctor, dentist, orthodontist, therapist) will be accepted to excuse an absence.   The limit of parent excuses is not new; it has been the practice at Logan Elm schools prior to the passage of HB410.  

If you have any questions, please contact your student’s school office.

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