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McDowell’s Power of the Pen team has competed in District at Zane Trace Middle School, and Regionals at Chillicothe Middle School. At District, the 7th grade team placed 4th out of 18 teams. Seventh grader Rain Hoops received a medal for placing 13th from a pool of 94 fellow writers. Eighth grader Jensen Fissel received a trophy in 3rd place. Eighth grader Genevieve Carstensen received a trophy in 1st place overall.

At Regionals, the 7th grade team moved up a spot and placed 3rd out of 18 teams. Seventh grader Kelsey Whittington placed 3rd out of 47 writers. In addition, she received a Best of the Best award, which was awarded to only three writers. Eighth grader Genevieve Carstenesen placed 10th out of 55 writers. A Best of the Best award was also presented to Genevieve.

The McDowell Power of the Pen team had seven writers compete in a county competition, Creative Chaos. In this competition, participants wrote a narrative, an argumentative essay, and a poem. McDowell’s team placed 3rd overall, and 8th grader Rachel Townsend placed 1st in the middle school narrative writing round.

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